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Ecocirer, the hotel that makes us fall in love again with Mallorca


March 2023


In the north of Mallorca and with the Sierra de Tramontana mountain range as a backdrop, the village of Sóller is home to a hotel that is as ecological as it is poetic, whose healthy retreats have restored our enthusiasm for the island.


It is a finalist in the “Health, sport and well-being” category of the Condé Nast Traveler Awards, is called Ecocirer and specialises in restorative experiences. Located in the north of the island of Mallorca, surrounded by sculptural mountains and enveloped in an aesthetic that is as romantic as it is natural, Ecocirer is a holistic concept, a healthy stay where eating, sleeping and discovering are exciting activities.

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With only six rooms, Ecocirer is the dream come true of Bàrbara Martí and her husband Martín Lucas, a home where you can feel at home. “Beyond a healthy holiday, it is an integral experience that unites human beings with nature”, explained Bàrbara to Condé Nast Traveler Spain. Ecocirer offers us a journey with soul and art, a journey that will always be remembered, especially for its breakfasts.

Ecocirer Hotel
Ecocirer Hotel

Most of the gastronomic delights are grown in the hotel’s own orchard, surrounded by a Mediterranean garden with fruit trees. The recycled furniture and reclaimed materials used in the refurbishment of this traditional 19th century finca speak of sustainability. And the warmth is provided by the creations of the crazy artist Francesca Martí.

Focusing on healthy retreats – called “Origins Retreats” – Ecocirer offers “encounters that bring us together while connecting with nature”. Cooking workshops, wood carving, Mallorcan basket making, yoga, art, cooking… After your time at Ecocirer you will always be an improved version of yourself.

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