20 December 2019

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“Eating fruit and vegetables is like a party”


Against a backdrop of the Tramuntana mountains, Ecocirer is surrounded by peace and tranquility.


Starting in the autumn we take their guests on hikes in the area where a slower pace of life is enjoyed.


“People in Sóller are happy with their lives, they don’t focus on making more money than last month. I think we can all learn from this, to just say ‘I’m good’”


Ecocirer is an eco-conscious hotel committed to sustainability and a healthy way of living. All the furniture is sourced by Barbara who spends much of her time exploring second-hand shops for items that need restoring.


Our passion starts in the kitchen and that’s why we decided to share our best recipes in the the book ‘Eating Colours’.


Eating Colours


healthy book for busy parents, who want to introduce more plants and home- cooking in their lives.


From babys to little adults, all the family members will enjoy being part of a lifestyle that promotes love, health and awareness.



Everything at Ecocirer is home-made and requires patience but is worth it in the flavour.



We join the sustainable Dutch movement, collaborate with recycling in harmony with nature and work with these innovations to merge them in the idyllic Mallorcan environment, where the symbiosis between nature and human action is almost perfect, but it needs more awareness to be able to fully enjoy these benefits.


Concerned about environmental impacts, we transform our space into a unique place wrapped in art and eco-design.



We are known for making good use of waste, for not wasting energy, for using organic products without chemicals, seasonal foods without dyes, preservatives and artificial ingredients.


¡Discover now with us all the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables!


For more information to Ecocirer please contact with us. ¡We will be happy to assist you!

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