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21 April 2020

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Ecocirer, the guest house you always dreamed of (Carrer de Reial, 15 Sóller, Mallorca)


In Mallorca we are received by Martijn Lucas and Bárbara Martí, a married couple with two children who decided to leave their life in the Netherlands to settle in Barbara’s family home and where to create this beautiful project. “Both my husband Martijn and I have always loved recycling and design. I have creative ideas to restore or design and Martijn is an expert in making them ”, says Bárbaba Martí.

This is how they came up with the idea of ​​creating this guest house, which they called Ecocirer (in honor of a cherry tree that they had in the garden and which is called cirerer in Majorcan). At first, “we transformed the little house in the garden, where cars and donkeys used to be kept, into two very romantic and Mediterranean rooms. Later, just 100 meters away, we find the perfect house, where we can see Ecocirer Healthy Stay grow, open for a year and a half. Now the old Ecocirer is a guesthouse for families and since they are so close to the hotel, they can have breakfast there ”, they indicate.

Ecocirer sits on a historic house from the early 20th century located in the center of Soller, in the heart of the Sierra Tramuntana. A total of six unique rooms decorated and carefully restored based on the concepts of sustainability, recycling and art. “All the furniture and cutlery are recycled. And all of them have been restored and redesigned in order to adapt them to this new concept ”, comment Martijn Lucas and Bárbara Martí.

The breakfast is the great Ecocirer moment of the day. Based on vegetable and fresh foods that give rise to local, organic and seasonal dishes prepared by the business itself and most of them taken from their own garden: “following our waste-free concept, our vegan recipes are freshly made and specifically intended for a number of guests so it requires prior reservation. Our guests enjoy a varied breakfast that is completely different every day. ” Own olive oil, homemade breads, healthy ginger shots, cakes, muffins, healthy bowls or toasts with all kinds of vegetables from the garden, walnut cheeses, pesto, hummus … It doesn’t sound bad, right?

After breakfast you can complete the day with some of the many yoga and meditation activities, excursions through the Sierra de Tramuntana, silent walks, cooking classes, massages or cultural visits organized from the establishment. “Our action today has consequences for the future. It is important to understand our concept as an act of restoration and maintenance, not as destruction. ”


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