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Eating healthy is an urgent reality

At Ecocirer we want healthy eating to be easy for everyone, we create our own recipes perfect for all the publics, with fresh ingredients in their purest natural state.
We share with you our day by day, our best recipes and inspirations. Ecocirer books are a lifestyle, more than a reading, an experience.
Our promise in every one of the books is that every recipe choice is a good choice for you. A simple way to create a safe place, where to celebrate healthy meals, that will help you to feel happier, more active, and have a more productive life.
We like our books to be a gateway, honest communication, and a simple way to find a nice relationship with fresh food. Just pick a handful of ideas and start cooking a happier life.
The collection book

Four seasonal books for beginners, with balanced recipes, as easy as healthy, to complete your breakfast and dive deeper into the world of incredible food. My wish in this collection is to inspire you and motivate you to live healthier and happier. A collection that will awaken your curiosity and divert your senses towards a healthier way of cooking. Recipes to grow ideas and change your current thinking about food.

Eating colours

The recipes are clean, fresh & nutritious. Easy-to-make. Eating colours is a healthy book for busy parents, who want to introduce more plants and home- cooking in their lives. From babys to little adults, all the family members will enjoy being part of a lifestyle that promotes love, health and awareness. A concept of clean eating means to use fresh ingredients, keeping them in their most natural state during cooking Give to your kids the food they love, packed with the food you want.

When all of sudden our freedom was taken away and a new- unknown situation made our fears grow, when all of a sudden school and business where locked down and the city fell silent, we decided to stay strong and share with you our best recipes and healthy tips to keep you in shape during confinement. The perfect tool to give a positive step into a healthier direction. Based on fresh ingredients that will help grow the positive spirit, stay calm and build a stronger body.

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