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Healthy cooking workshops!


As every year we come back in October! One class a month, three adapted levels and plenty of nutritious recipes.

Practical and theoretical workshops on healthy cooking, so that our little ones grow strong and aware.



3rd monday of every month from 16:00 to 17:00h (Beginners)

Available dates:

17 october, 15 november, 13 december, 17 january, 21 february, 21 march

Price: €15



3rd saturday of everymonth from 10:30 to 12:30 (Advanced)

Available dates:

16 october, 20 november, 22 december, 15 january, 19 february, 19 march

Price: €30



3rd friday of everymonth from 17:30 to 19:00 (experts) – from 12 years –

Available dates:

15 october, 19 november, 17 december, 21 january, 18 february, 12 march

Price: €40



So that all children can safely enjoy this summer we are going to adopt hygienic-sanitary regulations for the safety of all.

The use of a mask is mandatory for all ages during all activities that involve joint work.
-Mandatory use of hydroalcoholic gelbefore and after each activity.
– Being a private campus, with a maximum of 10 children, we avoid crowds.
-At snack time they will sit in small groups and with distance.
-We ask that you notify us of any allergies.
-We pray that at the slightest symptom of Covid-19 they do not attend campus.
We will be at your disposal to resolve any doubts or questions regarding the safety regulations or the activities to be carried out.

* The sanitary measures are provisional pending the new measures applied by the government for the summer.


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