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Home and soul getaway

€ 360 per persons, 2 persons in double room

€ 560 per person, single person in double room

Small and exclusive groups. Maximum group 12 people

A conscious house, which is linked to a natural and a healthy house. A home that allows us to connect with the earth and does not waste natural resources. A home that knows and respects, where things come from.
Natural, simple, slow and balanced. That will provide us peace, balance, well-being and harmony in our daily life.

A weekend for those who still live in the Matrix, but want to wake up and be aware of the reality that surrounds them.


Ecocirer includes:

– Welcome dinner
Two hotel nights with breakfast
– Aexcursion to the Finca Pla des Bisbe
– A practical workshop with Ilenia, where you will learn various recipes, which will allow you to create your own cleaning products, to create a home with 100% natural ingredients and free of harmful toxins for you and your family.
Includes 3 bottles of 250ml with our new recipes.
Our gardening workshop, with Bárbara and Martin fromEcocirer, on how to create an urban garden. We go to our country house and make natural fertilizers with our land. We go to our country house and make natural fertilizers with our land.
How do we create a garden that works for us in the middle of a big city? What can survive inside? Strong plants for busy people?
Learn to create a garden with your basics on a small balcony and take a bag of our soil and our seeds.
Spring smoothie
Brunch under the orange trees


Ecocirer recommends:

Complete the weekend with a decontracting massage from our chiropractor Armando. A relaxing Thai massage with hot volcanic stones and Reiki all in the same session.
Or a facial treatmentwith regeneration of collagen and elastin all in a natural and non-invasive way. The “ageloc technology” with galvanic current and botanicals.