Eating colours




The recipes are clean, fresh & nutritious. Easy-to-make. Eating colours is a healthy book for busy parents, who want to introduce more plants and home- cooking in their lives.

From babys to little adults, all the family members will enjoy being part of a lifestyle that promotes love, health and awareness.

A concept of clean eating means to use fresh ingredients, keeping them in their most natural state during cooking. A guide through colors that natural sources provide to create attractive recipes for kids and even regulate, their state of humor.

Give to your kids the food they love, packed with the food you want.

To change certain habits is an urgent reality. There is no need to compromise our children health. They are the future and they will change the word.

“When creating my recipes –Barbara Martí says- I let myself be guided by the colours that natural sources provide me. My aim has been to design a very attractive and healthy new pyramid of food for children, than can even regulate their mood. Change the shape, change the colour, and get you child eat what you want them to eat”.