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A home is where you can be you


Close to the heart of Soller, next to the historic train station, there is a quiet house bursting with life. Big wooden doors keep its secret from the street. When the gates open, you enter a new concept in hospitality. A casual garden with a magical atmosphere. The charming train passes slowly at the end of the garden,  and the bells of the church are ringing. This is the place where Ecocirer started in our family home, an instant paradise with an informal flair.



Located in the same street as the Ecocirer Hotel, it is just a short walk of one minute to reach the lobby and garden of our main hotel.
If you want to experience life in a Mallorcan village, this space is your retreat. Ideal for a couple, families or groups, up to four friends and cyclists. A base for exploring the beautifull Tramuntana.

Ecocirer healthy stay
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Ecocirer healthy stay

– Breakfast is not included. You can always make a reservation for a healthy breakfast/brunch at our Hotel, located at 100mtr from the Guesthouse.

Enjoy the calm and beauty of simplicity

A little house of two floors, located in a seperated building next to our home, offers you a family atmosphere in a totally independent space . A standard double room with mountain views, two bathrooms with shower, a living room with posibility of an extra double bed, kitchen and a little garden, offers you comfort and peace in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our green garden, only  a few steps away from the old Ferrocarril de Soller tramway is the biggest charm of Ecocirer.

Enjoy the calm and beauty of simplicity. Be engulfed in old-world romanticism and the idea of Mediterranean slow-living.

Ecocirer healthy stay

Every morning a new surprise.
Enjoy our daily delivery breakfast, a healthy basket that includes a combination of homemade delicatessen for you to enjoy a healthy breakfast at home. Vegan/vegetarian, sugar-free, and gluten-free, if needed. 

Our baskets are filled with standard products that are the perfect base for your breakfast. You can always make it more special adding other healthy products to the basket; raw cookies, energetic truffles, cakes, cava, or muffins. Your choice!

Get in touch with us to know more about these healthy complements.

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