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Snickers Stars

  • Author: ecocirer
  • Diet: Vegan


These healthier homemade snickers are not only raw,vegan and refined sugar-free but they are also just as deliciousI’m always on the lookout for how to make healthier versions of some of my favourites. Honestly, I’m not someone with sweet tooth but sometimes even I get cravings for a delicious chocolate treat.


This homemade snickers recipe hits the spot every time!

Normally I shape them into bars, but golden breakfasts deserve sparkling stars, with delicious peanut butter and almond marzipan, coverd with dark chocolate.



150gr natural almonds, unsalted & untoastedMineral wáterAgave syrup2 medjool dates, soaked in warm water for 5 minutes2 tbsp melted coconut oilCrunchy peanut butterChocolate bar, 100%


Prepare the marzipan first layer by processing the almonds in a food processor. First you will get flour, add a splash of water and syrup, plus the soaked dates, to get a smoother, creamier marzipan. Mix till thoroughly incorporated.When making these snickers, you can make them as a tray bake in a large dish and then cut to size or use a silicone mold with individual portions. So, divide the mixture equally in every cavity and press down to even out the layer.Spoon the crunchy peanut butter over the marzipan layer. You can be as generous as you like peanuts. I would say, should be a finger think, more or less.Next melt the dark chocolate. Its best to do it on a double boiler, but you could also do it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Add the coconut oil, a splash of agave and the chocolate. Melt and cover every snicker with this melted chocolate.Place it in the freezer to dry.To store them, place them in a freezer friendly container and leave them for up to two month. If you make it! Im sure them will be finished much earlier.


  • Category: Dessert