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23 April 2020

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Bàrbara Martí, cook and owner of the Ecocirer establishment, located in Sóller, will soon offer a selection of her healthy recipes on the pages of  Ultima Hora. As a result of her pregnancies, this businesswoman, mother of two girls, decided seven years ago to turn her diet around, which also allowed her to recover a better state of mind.

From a business point of view, Martí, daughter of the artist Francesca Martí, first opened a vegetarian bed & breakfast and in view of the success she went one step further with her husband, Martijn, and they created Ecocirer, an establishment that offers much more than just accommodation. , since each client of its six rooms has at their disposal a whole catalog of activities and experiences aimed at leading, at least during those days, a healthy and stress-free life.

As a result of this experience, Barbara has edited two recipe books, which the readers of this newspaper will now know. “All the dishes are made with organic, vegetarian and, if possible, kilometer 0 products.” Whoever waits for dishes where meat is the protagonist or is present in a circumstantial way does not need to look further because they will not find it. “We are not extreme vegans because we believe that all extremism is bad, but as for meat we consume it as little as possible. At Ecocirer there is no meat, but we do have eggs, yes, from our own chickens ».


Seasonality is one of the keys to their dishes. The fact of living surrounded by nature and in an enclave like Sóller makes it easier to prepare recipes in which fruits, vegetables and vegetables are the main ingredients.

Along with these products, the seeds are also widely used in their recipes. With regard to the future and the current situation, Barbara considers three scenarios. “The optimist would be to be able to open at the end of June; the most realistic in August and the pessimistic would already be thinking about winter ».


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