Enjoy it!

Every breakfast is created through inspired planting, nurturing and homemade cooking. We grow most of our vegetables and fruits, we make our own olive oil, we bake our own fresh bread. In fact everything is proudly homemade.

Following our aim to be waste-free, we cook specifically for the number of our guests. All our recipes are vegan and free of white sugar. To our non-vegan guests we offer the option to enjoy fresh eggs from local chickens.

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Our rainbow breakfast

Colours are everywhere in the world around us; they are such an important part of our daily life and a continuation of ourselves. The right colours can bring harmony, peace and pleasure filled with energy and vital force. Imagine what happens when you eat them too! Colourful foods have wonderful benefits for our body/mind and add life to our daily meals. Eat the rainbow! The powerful nutrients of each fruit and vegetable gives a boost to the immune system and promotes health preventing signs of aging, terrible diseases and detoxing our body from pollution. Eating a good variety of colours, with all the green or purple tones, is a powerful nutrition that will make you happy, healthy and strong.

Our homemade breads

In this busy world we invite you to enjoy a quiet breakfast loving tradition and simplicity, but also innovation.


From Xeixa bread, made with an ancient Mallorcan grain, extremely healthy and allergen free, to our veggie breads in all type of natural colours.


We bake our bread daily with all type of organic flours or gluten free seeds. Letting them the time they need to grow and be dressed as a toast, with many organic and seasonal ingredients.

Our olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil, obtained directly from superior olives of our Finca is a real pleasure for lovers of freshness and Mediterranean life. Ideal for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Protected Designation of Origin.


We support the local farmers who do not alter the raw material with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, or pollute the soil, water and air. We shop with our baskets thus avoiding the use of unnecessary plastics and packaging.


We are nature lovers. We respect the cycles of Earth and the natural ingredients of each season.


Lets Brunch at Ecocirer

We love the Sunday version of breakfast. Add more healthy ingredients and exciting recipes to your breakfast!


Menu different every day

Freshly squeezed orange juice
Freshly ground ecologic coffee
Oats or coconut milk
Matcha, butterfly pea flower or curcuma latte
15 varieties of naturals teas and infusions
Coconut yogurt with raw muesli & fresh fruits of the season
Black charcoal bread with cashews cream cheese, avocado & our olive oil
Energetic cacao truffles